Dana Nessel looks into criminal probes of state and local officials after meeting with Donald Trump

Dana Nessel, Michigan Attorney General, is looking into criminal probes of state and local officials who met with Donald Trump to overturn Michigan’s election results.  This response from Dana Nessel comes after Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield met with Donald Trump at The White House and after Monica Palmer and William Hartmann, who were the two Wayne County Board of Canvassers who refused to certify the election results in Detroit, then chose to certify the results, and then tried to rescind their certification after speaking with Donald Trump on the phone while ignoring discrepancies in Trump-won counties.   Both state legislators have released statements stating they have done nothing wrong. Donald Trump has since chimed on Twitter accusing the media of being untruthful, even though he has been fact-checked over 22,000 times since being elected into the office of the presidency.   The Washington Post stated, “As President Trump entered the final stretch of the election season, he began making more than 50 false or misleading claims a day. It’s only gotten worse — so much so that the Fact Checker team cannot keep up. As of Aug. 27, the tally in our database that tracks every errant claim by the president stood at 22,247 claims in 1,316 days.”



Two individuals who are familiar with the review have stated that Dana Nessel, along with election law experts, is specifically looking at whether or not Republican Party officials are “risking committing crimes,” including but not limited to bribery, perjury, and conspiracy, by helping Donald Trump in his effort to deny the vote certification in Detroit which overwhelmingly voted for Joe Biden and subvert the election results in his favor in The State of Michigan.  Before we start screaming “witch hunt,” Dana Nessel has actively gone after individuals who have engaged in voter fraud, including other Democrats.  Lee Chatfield, who is on his way out the Michigan legislature door due to term-limits, has more to gain than any other legislator who met with Donald Trump.


Even though these legislators claim they met with Donald Trump to discuss aid for Michigan’s battle against the coronavirus pandemic, their lack of action during the pandemic would suggest otherwise.  These legislators have claimed that Governor Whitmer has refused to work with them in combatting the pandemic but have yet to produce any viable legislation that would help the citizens in Michigan.  The only thing they have fought were the orders Governor Whitmer enacted that helped slow the spread of the virus.  One would also come to the conclusion that if these legislators were interested in combating the virus and proving they were not bribed in their meeting with Donald Trump in Washington D.C., they would have refrained from drinking Dom Pérignon at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., and just started wearing a damn mask while staying in their state to deal with the rising pandemic numbers instead of obstructing everything the Democratic governor tries to do.



Washington D.C., and fear-mongered a constitutional crisis stating that there are too many reports of voter fraud and irregularities in Wayne County, but conveniently ignored all the irregularities in Trump-won counties. To date, neither he nor Donald Trump has been able to provide any proof of voter fraud.  Lee Chatfield also tried to accuse the Democrats of chipping away at the legitimacy of the United States elections by claiming the Russian Collusion was a hoax even though the Republican Senate released a report in August 2020 refuting this baseless claim.  You can read the findings from the Republican Senate Investigation Committee below the video.



Russian Collusion

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