In Memoriam – Patrick Flannery


Patrick Flannery

In memory of Patrick (Pat) Flannery – Friend


FUBAR America is dedicated to Patrick Flannery, whose commitment to the facts and razor-sharp wit were the inspirations for this website — including the choice of the name of this site.


Pat was a fiercely-devoted father who would often brag about his son Sean, a career Marine, and daughter in law Sharon.  He was also an unwavering champion for the city he loved.  Detroit was his home.  He retired after almost 40 years of public service, first in Detroit’s ambulance service, then as a Wayne County sheriff’s deputy.  He was an Army veteran, a generous friend who would go out of his way to help, an opponent of injustice, an avid holiday baker and candy maker, a jack of all trades (and master of many), an amateur writer, a regular Click on Detroit commenter, an antique car enthusiast, and a history buff who liked to travel, visiting many historical sites.


Unfortunately, Pat isn’t here to see the launch of FUBAR America.  He lost his battle with colon cancer on August 16, 2020.  But I think he would be pleased with what we’ve built.


Cheers, Pat.  Hopefully, you were in heaven a full half hour before the devil knew you were dead.


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